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Congratulations on making it to the next step in the interview process. The information on this page will give you more details about Hajoca and the interview process.

Upcoming Events

Sales Competition

Hajoca is hosting our first ever Sales Pitch Competition; 43 teams were able to sign up for this semester and their submissions are due in November. The pitch: Can you sell a plunger to an everyday customer? The teams are tasked with putting together a 2 minute or less video selling a plunger to the everyday customer. A panel of Hajoca judges will narrow the 43 teams to a Top 10 and pick one lucky winner to take home the title of Best Sales Team and $1,000! Stay tuned to see the Top 3 videos and the unveiling of our winner!

MDP Blog


2020 Trainee Spencer

From my very first interview with Hajoca , there was just something contagious about their winning spirit and excitement for this company. It was undeniable. Opportunity and culture were the biggest factors in my decision, and this company has both. This was the team and culture that I wanted to be a part of!

It has been a fast-paced first couple of months, but I have learned a ton! In just a few short months, I have run our receiving department, shipping department, and I am now conducting all of the purchasing for our branch. I have learned so much and I’ve had fun every step of the way.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t enjoy the teammates that I work with or the customers that I interact with.

Becoming a Profit Center Manager is truly a unique opportunity. Hajoca is a large corporation with a family feel to it. Each PC has its own culture, thanks in large part to the autonomy given to these PCMs to build the team and culture they envision. I can’t wait to wear the Hajoca name as a PCM one day!

Hajoca in Action

Welcome from our CEO

Meet Mason Parr

Hiring Timeline

The key to Hajoca’s success is our people. That’s why we are thorough in our selection process - this also ensures that you have ample opportunity to determine if we are a good fit for your career goals. Note that completion of each step does not guarantee progression throughout all of the hiring phases.

Step 1

Congrats, the first step is over!

Step 2

Assessment time!


The first test, the Verify, is timed and once you begin there is no stopping, pausing, or restarting, so for this reason, you want to make sure to have the time ahead of you before you start – we recommend you allow for at least an hour, to be safe. I advise you to take them in a quiet room where you can focus with little distraction and equip yourself with the necessary tools – pen, paper, and calculator.

You will be given the option to take a practice test for each segment (verbal and numerical reasoning) and I urge you to take advantage of this. You have unlimited attempts at the practices, and I recommend that you do them multiple times until you feel confident moving forward into the actual assessment portion. When you are doing the timed actual assessments, you will have a little less than a minute per question, so if ever you are stuck on a question don’t ‘burn’ 4 or 5 minutes of your total assessment time, skip the question and keep moving forward with the rest; if you are 90% confident you know the answer go with it, again don’t burn 4-5 minutes of your total assessment time.

Personality Assessments

(CPI 260/16PF)

Once the cognitive assessments are complete, you will move on to the personality assessments – which, on the other hand, are not timed. Therefore, if you start to feel restless, I urge you to take a break. If you stop at any time the program will remember where you left off. These assessments are largely comprised of questions pertaining to how you describe yourself and how others would describe you. There are no wrong answers, simply answer honestly. Please heed their warnings about trying to select the “right answer” – the program will detect this through impression management. The best way to avoid this is to not overthink or over analyze your answers and don’t be afraid to go with your gut response. In a nutshell: be yourself!

Step 3

Chat with company psychologist, Sarita Bhakuni!

Learn more about Sarita

Step 5

Tour a Profit Center.

Sneak Peak

Step 6

You did it! Final decision to be made.