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We are proud of the many success stories we have helped to write. Our development program graduates and trainees are some of our most valuable resources and they deserve to be recognized. Hear more about the Hajoca development program from some of our teammates. These are more than jobs, these are unmatched career opportunities.

Moore Supply team members

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South Central Division Recruiters

Stephanie Schubert

DeShanna Gillum

Brooke O’Bryant

  • Regional Recruiter, Louisiana, Mississippi and Arkansas
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Hajoca’s South Central Division

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Management Development Program


Justin Bergeron

  • Austin South Profit Center Manager
  • Sam Houston University
  • Career start December 1999

Chris Byrd

  • College Station Brenham Profit Center Manager
  • Texas A&M University
  • Career start May 2003

Alex Curry

  • Brenham Profit Center Manager
  • Texas A&M University
  • Career start June 2012

Jeff Farnsworth

  • Conroe Profit Center Manager
  • Texas A&M University
  • Career start May 2008

Taylor Gilbert

  • Houston/South Profit Center Manager
  • Texas A&M University
  • Career start January 2013

Jay Walthall

  • Chisholm Trail Region Manager
  • Texas A&M University
  • Career start July 1993

Brent James

  • League City Profit Center Manager
  • Texas A&M University
  • Career start January 2006

Shawn Karaga

  • Corpus Christi Profit Center Manager
  • Texas A&M University
  • Career start August 2004

Jeff Knox

  • Lone Star Region Manager
  • Texas A&M University
  • Career start January 2002

Marshall Maedgen

  • Division Manager
  • Texas A&M University
  • Career start January 1994

Brad Silver

  • San Antonio Hughes Profit Center Manager
  • Texas A&M University
  • Career start January 2004

Shane Southworth

  • Stafford Profit Center Manager
  • Texas A&M University
  • Career start January 2014

Taylor Martinez

  • Texas A&M University
  • Career Start January 2017

Ben Pfitzer

  • Oklahoma City, OK Profit Center Manager
  • Texas A&M University
  • Career start September 2015

Ian Chapin

  • Fayetteville, GA Profit Center Manager
  • Georgia Southern University
  • Career start January 2017

Will Sadler

  • Mesquite, TX Profit Center Manager
  • Texas A&M University
  • Career start August 2016


Nick Beckman

  • Texas A&M University
  • Career start September 2017

Matt Brunson

  • Texas A&M University
  • Career start July 2019

John Busby

  • University of Georgia
  • Career start August 2019

Alex Hood

  • Texas A&M University
  • Career start June 2019

Joey Noll

  • Kennesaw State
  • Career start May 2018

Michael Putnam

  • Texas A&M University
  • Career start January 2017

Nathan Rush

  • Georgia Tech
  • Career start August 2019

Nathan Wolszon

  • Texas Christian University
  • Career start August 2019

Rick Nunley

  • Texas A&M University
  • Career Start June 2020

Austin Maeker

  • Texas A&M University
  • Career Start July 2020

Colton Goeke

  • Texas A&M University
  • Career Start July 2020

Zac Cunningham

  • Texas A&M University
  • Career Start July 2020

Mason Parr

  • Texas Tech University
  • Career Start July 2020

Ty Strickel

  • Lyon College
  • Career Start September 2020

Jasmine Jackson

  • University of Alabama
  • Career Start September 2020

Theron Alcazar

  • Texas Tech University
  • Career Start February 2021

Jordan Cathey

  • Georgia Southern University
  • Career Start January 2021

Markell Jones

  • University of Alabama at Birmingham
  • Career Start January 2021

Carson Wyld

  • Louisiana Tech University
  • Career Start March 2021
Accelerated Management Development Program


Mark Allen

  • Houston Hajoca Profit Center Manager
  • Oklahoma University
  • Career start August 2012

Corey Bugay

  • Duncanville Profit Center Manager
  • Texas Tech University
  • Career start December 2014

Nick Cushman

  • Killeen Profit Center Manager
  • Albright College
  • Career start August 2012

Adam Jacko

  • Houston West Profit Center Manager
  • University of Texas at Austin
  • Career start December 2013

Kris Kagey

  • Fredericksburg, TX Profit Center Manager
  • Texas State University
  • Career start December 2014

Blake Westmoreland

  • Nacogdoches Profit Center Manager
  • Stephen F. Austin State University
  • Career start June 2015

Ken McKeown

  • San Antonio North Profit Center Manager
  • North Texas/Texas A&M University
  • Career start February 2007

Kelly Myers

  • Savannah, GA Profit Center Manager
  • Career start July 2016

Blake Schlueter

  • Tyler Profit Center Manager
  • Texas Christian University
  • Career Start January 2017
Junior Military Officers

We’ve been having a little fun too


Logan Hale, Management Trainee, Marietta

Having such a close relationship with the #1 water heater manufacturer in the country has some serious perks. At the end of August, the South Central Division trainees had the opportunity to learn, bond, and experience Rheem unlike many have before. Our alignment with this company goes deep, and through this trip we, as trainees, we were able to better understand what the future holds, not only in the water heating industry, but in the strong partnership that lies with Hajoca and Rheem.

It was a quick trip packed with fun and learning. We spent time at Rheem’s brand new Innovative Learning Center in Roswell, GA, right outside of Atlanta. We spent time learning and understanding where Rheem has been and what their future looks like. It’s cool to see things from a macro level and hear where Hajoca fits into their strategy to attack the different markets. We were also able to tour the Rheem plant in Montgomery, Alabama. Seeing a heater from the inside out and from beginning to end was very interesting. Their facilities are massive and seeing the work that goes into making the heaters and testing them was fascinating.


And of course we were able to share some fun together at Top Golf one night. We have a competitive trainee group…and some of us may or may not need to work on our golf skills.

The Rheem trip was an incredibly informative, eye opening experience that not many get to participate in. As a vendor partner, Rheem is committed to our success, and they truly put that on display with this event. We, as Hajoca, are also committed to Rheem's success, and I am excited to hit the ground running with the product knowledge and energized relationships that I came away with.


Mark Williamson, Management Trainee, Houston

Every time I meet a management trainee from outside of Texas, they always have the same reaction. They’re always impressed with the level of friendship and camaraderie we have here in our group, and the relationships we build with each other aren’t an accident. At least three times a year, (Spring, Summer and Fall) the management trainees in our region get together. This Spring, we all took a couple of days away from the world of plumbing wholesale, and met up at a retreat style conference center just outside of Salado, Texas. We spent some classroom time learning from a couple of leaders in our region, but we also took some time catching up with each other.

One of the most beneficial aspects of the Management Develop Program is the peer network we develop. We spend time telling stories about how we’ve won at work, some others about how we’ve learned lessons the harder way, but most importantly, we develop a core group of allies that we’ll have throughout our career. One stressful part of starting any new job is not knowing anyone or not having any support. Through events like the Spring Fling, we foster a support group that is only ever a phone call away. As we progress through our development, we always have a group of people who are one or two steps ahead of offering us guidance through our own journey. All of us are going through the same program across the region, but are learning best practices from the various leaders that we work with.


Throughout the program, I’ve made some great professional connections with the other trainees, but I’ve also been making some great friends. Whether it’s over a game of pool or corn-hole, or sitting around the bonfire having a drink, we’re all sharing our lives with each other. Personally, I’ve gotten engaged since I started working for Hajoca, and a couple of the trainees were the first guys I went to for advice about what married life would mean to me. Experiences like we had at the Spring Fling helped develop us as future leaders in the company, and helped us create stronger bonds with each other. The peer network we create across the region is part of what attracted me to Hajoca, and I think it’s why we have a training program that rivals any other across the country.



Matt McGeehan, Management Trainee, San Antonio

Anyone who has been with Hajoca more than a week probably knows that one of the habits of world class leaders is building powerful alignment. We work to align ourselves with our customers, teammates, and vendors. In May 2018, management trainees from around the country were invited to North Carolina to strengthen our relationship with one of our strategic partners, Charlotte Pipe and Foundry.

According to Rick Fantham, the full power of alignment comes when the partners adopt each other’s goals as their own. “People will work harder for their own ideas than yours.” Throughout the week, we were visited by top executives who made it clear how important it was for Charlotte Pipe to help Hajoca reach our goals. Their commitment of information and resources makes it clear how highly they value their partnership. Charlotte’s product knowledge trainers, Brian Connor and Brain Helms, were amazing hosts. Their excitement for cast iron and plastic made a potentially dry subject into a very entertaining education. The mix of classroom instruction and hands on training helped us become more valuable partners to Charlotte and our own customers. We got the chance to put our knowledge to the test by plumbing a mock house. Judging by the number of leaks, it is probably for the best that we don’t have to make practical use of our new knowledge for a living.


The highlight of the trip was touring the manufacturing facilities. The only thing more impressive than the towering cupola and state of the art injection molding machines was the Charlotte family at the heart of the processes. Whether teammates were stamping their name on freshly extruded pipe or bragging about how many times they had been splashed by molten iron, the passion for their product was obvious. The tours really underscored the importance of hiring the right people and showed it is the foundation of success in any industry.

Thanks to our wonderful hosts at Charlotte Pipe and Foundry! It was a great chance to exhibit our shared values and find ways to strengthen our relationship. Not only was this trip a tremendous opportunity to strengthen our partnership with one of our key vendors, but it was also a chance to...

Network with the leadership at Charlotte Pipe. You never know when you will need to ask some of these key players for advice or help in the future.

- Nicholas Beckman

Share experiences and seek advice from other trainees helping me to refine my sales strategy as I develop an account base in Austin.

- David Sieger

Develop the contacts and resources for the times when we have questions about products. In dealing with our customers, it’s not always about having the right answer all of the time but knowing where to find the right answer.

- Tim Hoffman

See and hear about the similarities in core values and culture that both our companies share. It was evident that they also invest a great deal in the people part of their business and take pride in their track record to retain their employees.

- Taylor Martinez
- Nicholas Beckman
- David Sieger
- Tim Hoffman
- Taylor Martinez


Stephanie Schubert, Texas Regional Recruiter

I live by the mantra “surround yourself with people that make you a better version of yourself”. When I’m around our group of trainees, I am reminded of this mantra and feel like I am winning! This group is smart, driven, competitive, forward thinkers, and all around great people. They care about each other, they care about the team of people that they work with at their individual Profit Centers and they care about making Hajoca the greatest supplier to our customers, greatest partner with our vendors, and greatest place to work for the thousands of teammates across the country.


As a Texas Region, we bring our trainees together a couple of times a year in person, as they are scattered all across the Region (Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas) working at different Profit Centers. I have enjoyed watching them create bonds and friendships with one another. They talk on the phone with one another regularly. They share work experiences and best practices with one another. They talk about girlfriends and wives and kids. They are constantly learning from one another and I can’t think of a better environment to be in than that.

In March we planned a retreat style gathering in Salado, outside of Austin. We had some informal Q&A time where they asked questions of the Region Managers about anything from how they work through certain important decisions to outlining the short and long term goals for the Region. Most of the 24 hours was spent just hanging out. Getting to enjoy one another and learn more about one another. The leadership team engaged as well which is so refreshing. We shared a few cocktails, a few stories, a few successes, a few failures, a washer game or two, a few dunks on the basketball goal, a few foosball matches and most importantly we just shared life with each other.


Investing in our future leaders, is the number one priority for our Region Managers, and the environment that has been created to do this is pretty fantastic. I am so proud of this group of Texas trainees and look forward to adding more and more tremendous future leaders to this group.


I’m a former Supply Officer in the United States Marine Corps. And when I say former, I mean I just got out last year. One of the things I was afraid I would miss as I said goodbye to all my brothers was the comradery, the closeness, the bond that Marine Corps brothers share because of the service we’ve done and the experiences shared together. While it would be close to impossible to emulate that type of bond just because of the circumstances that create it, my transition to Hajoca and this team of work brothers is pretty darn close. And it’s trips like the one we took last month to the Nibco plant that make me realize this. What a fantastic time together as a group of trainees and an incredible learning opportunity as we learned about the Nibco products, company and culture.


We spent some time with Ken from Nibco who did a fantastic job talking about how the Nibco products are made and also shared his passion for his company and the culture. It was great to see how closely Nibco’s values and overall culture parallel that of Hajoca’s. I love to be hands on and experience things, not just read or observe. So when we toured the factory and learned how to solder, it was exhilarating for me. We broke down ball valves and learned how to properly install them. This was a great experience to learn how time consuming it can be to install basic copper fittings. And I’m going to feel really cool when I can” talk shop” with my customers who come into the counter next week picking up copper fittings. It’s great to be that knowledgeable when I talk with customers. After actually using the fittings we then got to tour the factory where they are made. The tour was incredible and allowed us to see the quality of the raw product that Nibco puts into their finished product and the care that they put into the finished product. There are a lot more steps in the process of making a basic copper 90 than I could have ever imagined.

Our leadership team is great about orchestrating a trip that has learning combined with some fun. We had a great dinner one night at a local tap house and then did a tour of the local breweries in the area the next night. I work at the Corpus Christi location and am the only trainee with the team there in Corpus. So it’s awesome for me to get out and talk to all of the other trainees who are also going through the training program, just at different locations. We crosstalk about different experiences we are all having…sharing funny stories, best practices and blunders that we’ve all had. I joined the team in January of 2017 and this was my 2nd trip with this group.

What a great time and a huge success this was. Grant, Ken and Kevin from Nibco were outstanding hosts. Every day I gained a new perspective on different aspects of the business both from our vendor partner and the other trainees.

James Andrews, Management Trainee, Corpus Christi


In October, 2016 I had the distinct pleasure of attending our strategic vendor meeting at the Horseshoe Bay Resort in Marble Falls, TX. This was the perfect venue for hosting a group of individuals that included our PCMs, Management Trainees, and our closest vendors. The overarching theme of the three day conference was to work together in developing a pathway to achieve our mutually beneficial goals. I'm always amazed and encouraged by our company's emphasis on the importance of relationships, not only with our customers, but also with our vendors and manufacturers.

The team at vendor meeting

Our week started with a friendly competition among the management trainees on the Horseshoe Bay professional 18 hole miniature golf course. The camaraderie is second to none; we always have a blast when we get together even though we are spread out across the state. We spent the following morning with a few of our strategic vendors discussing the importance of vendor-supplier relationships focusing on how we can better serve each other's strategic priorities. The afternoon comprised a trade show where we were able to spend more time with vendors as they showcased their products. The evening ended perfectly with a catered alfresco dinner with the entire group.

The final two days of our vendor meeting consisted of round table discussions with our key vendor partners. I have never seen such willingness and commitment by so many organizations to find mutually beneficial pathways to growing business together. This is what makes our company unique. We realize it's not just about us and that it takes the entire supply chain working together to be successful. I can't forget mention that the trip wasn't all business and we always find a way to infuse some fun into our trips. In between round table discussions, we had our choice of playing a round of golf on one of Horseshoe Bay's four beautiful courses or competing in a skeet shoot - no poor choices there.

Rich Stokes, Management Trainee, Austin


This month I had the privilege of traveling to Indianapolis, Indiana to visit Delta Faucet Company with a large group of trainees from Moore Supply Co. Personnel from the sales teams of Delta Faucet and Southwest Sales, a rep agency in Texas, served as our hosts. The goal for the visit was to introduce us to the Delta Faucet Company, its values and its culture. After our group flew in from different areas around the region we met for dinner. This dinner included the CEO, CFO, and many members of the Delta Faucet Executive team. At this dinner it became very evident of the value Delta Faucet placed on the business relationship between our two companies.

The team racing go-carts

On day two in Indianapolis our group boarded ground transportation to Delta Faucets home office. As we all walked into the foyer of their building, we received a standing ovation from those on the Delta team that were in the building. This represented well over 150 people and lasted for several minutes. We all felt the genuine desire to continue to grow the relationship between our two companies. The bulk of the day was spent learning more about their vision and their future. Not only were we given a total overview of all the lines of faucets they manufacture but we were given a behind the scenes tour into their research and development departments. After signing confidentiality agreements we were allowed to visit with the design team and see what faucets they were working on. We held the mock up models and looked at sketches of new ideas they had. We heard about the methods in which Delta Faucet comes up with new designs to enhance their offerings to better serve their customers. We were given the ability to see working faucets side by side and understand the features and benefits of each one. Delta Faucets product offering has a bright future based on what we all saw and learned.

Delta hosted dinner for us at the brand new facility, Speedway Indoor Karting and 1911 Grill. The business is just blocks away from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and next door to the Dallara race car manufacturing facility. The Delta team treated us to a large amount of time to drive the karts around the track at speeds up to 45 mph. Although no records were broken (as well as no bones) we all had a great time. It was a special treat to meet the owner of Speedway Indoor Karting, Ms. Sarah Fisher, of the Indy Racing League. For those that don’t follow the sport she was one of the youngest IRL drivers to race the Indy 500 and had a very successful career before she became one of the first female car owners.

The next day the team from Delta Faucet Co continued to invest in us by providing a half day Franklin Covey course. This was a huge benefit as we all want to be better stewards of our time in the business and be able to focus on the priorities of each day. Many long term relationships were formed with the Delta team that will benefit both companies moving forward as we both continue to grow. Thank you Delta Faucet for treating us all to a very informative, educational, and fun visit.

Blake Westmoreland- Management Trainee


In late October I had the privilege of working with my fellow Texas Hajoca trainees volunteering our time for an amazing organization, Habitat for Humanity. The time together was held in the north Houston area and included an ample amount of fun, fellowship, and hard work. On the night of the 28th all Texas Hajoca trainees met at Top Golf for a night of competition and relaxation. The following day was to be our philanthropy event with Habitat for Humanity.

The team racing go-carts

On the evening of October 28th I met 15 others at Top Golf in Spring and helped kick off our night of festivities. Think driving range meets dart board. We took a little time to warm up and get comfortable with driving the ball short and long distances before dividing into teams. Uh oh….teams? That means we get to compete! We’re all friendly in the group but I’d be lying if I said we all weren’t secretly wanting to WIN. A little healthy competition is good right? Let’s just say my team didn’t come in first or last place. Combining the fun we had with the game and the great food, it was a terrific night. We enjoyed the comradery and friendly competition, but it was also nice to discuss what was going on in each of our lives personally and professionally. We had some new trainees join the team this year and we all take pride in welcoming them to the group, learning about them and sharing our journey with the company thus far.

Thursday the 29th was beautiful. The weather was cool with clear skies and ended up being a perfect day for some sweat intensive labor. The Habitat for Humanity group had finish out tasks for us to complete for multiple houses within their housing subdivision. We initially split into three different groups: painting, assembling blinds, and yardwork. I was chosen to be part of the yardwork crew. We were tasked with creating a level and clear yard space for new grass sod to be placed at a later date. We grabbed shovels, pitchforks, and other tools and began tearing up the overgrown weeds. After some time working we realized there was a large block of concrete that was poured directly in the middle of the yard. Rather than give up we decided to grab sledgehammers and try to bash it enough to eventually break it all out. Picture a group of sledgehammer happy guys not wanting to be defeated by a block of concrete. As we took turns swinging the hammer we quickly realized that we didn’t have the energy or the muscles to clean out the entire block of concrete within our limited time frame. Since quitting was not an option, we decided that the next best thing was to rent a jackhammer, because every guy finds an excuse to play with power tools. One trainee volunteered to grab one from a local hardware store while the rest of us found other jobs around the jobsite. For the next few hours we continued clearing the yard, laying soil, and busting concrete with the jackhammer until the task was complete. The other groups were touching up paint and hanging blinds. We were all extremely satisfied with the progress we had made and that our group helped multiple families that day. Though our impact may have been small, this event reminded me of some of the best reasons why I chose to work for Hajoca and why I’m proud to be a part of such an amazing organization. All of the efforts put forth that day will go a long way for Habitat for Humanity and will help grow and develop our future leaders within Texas. It was an honor to work alongside my fellow friends for Habitat for Humanity and I’m greatly appreciative of the opportunity. I’ll be eagerly awaiting the next philanthropic event we have!

Taylor Gilbert- Management Trainee, Houston


In April I was fortunate enough to travel to Montgomery, AL with my fellow management trainees. The trip was an educational and relationship building trip to Rheem’s Manufacturing plant. The trip started off with all of the trainees from Texas flying into DFW Airport and occupying a single plane to Alabama. It was a cool experience to have the majority of the plane reserved for just our company. Once on the ground we headed to a welcome dinner hosted by Rheem at Firebirds. The atmosphere and food were amazing!

The team racing go-carts

On day two the education began bright and early with a recap of Rheem’s history and culture presented by Matt McLaughlin (National Account Manager) and Jeff Reimer (Region Sales Manager). The plant we were in had a conference room that was dedicated to the water heaters of the past. I thought it was interesting to see how technology in the industry had advanced over the years. We continued the day with various conversations about marketing, technical support, future changes, and a plant tour. If you have never been inside a live running plant it is something to behold. The temperature had to be well into the 90’s with fire and huge moving machines around every corner. We were escorted through several of the assembly lines and saw how the products were made from start to finish. After seeing all of this first hand I have a new found respect for the people that make the heaters we sell. The night ended with our limos picking us up for a local minor league baseball game…..did I mention we travel in style? We had two private suites full catered with snacks and drinks for the evening. We were even slotted for a few of the wacky events that happen between innings. The group managed to partake in sumo wrestling and a water relay challenge!

Our last day we headed back to the manufacturing plant for one last experience. Rheem was nice enough to bring in tankless water heaters and let us strip them down and build them back up. Although I’m sure those heaters will never work again after we touched them…it was a great experience to see how these machines operate. It can be challenging to try and sell an item back at the branch when you don’t know much about it. This experience helped me build some lasting relationships and stack up my product knowledge on Rheem heaters. It also didn’t hurt that we were able to cut loose a bit on the trip.

Corey Bugay- Management Trainee, Arlington