Job Description

Hajoca Corporation—Developing Entrepreneurs—since 1858

Are you competitive, driven and goal-oriented?
Do you like to interact with people and build relationships?
Have you ever wanted to run your own business?

Consider our internship opportunity!

The South Division of Hajoca has a 12-week paid rotational internship opportunity in a fast-paced environment. Interns will receive hands-on experience in every aspect of wholesale distribution and be coached by experienced mentors. The internship is spent in a profit center, learning the logistics and operations side of the business.

Summer Internship:

  • Warehouse and Counter (3 weeks): You’ll gain a great foundation of the team and business in this phase. Time will be spent understanding, performing, and mastering the logistics of getting materials in and out of the business. In addition, you’ll work on the counter interacting with customers and learning product, spend time out in the field learning how products are applied, and visit other locations to see how they operate.
  • Sales (5 weeks): Through riding alongside and outside sales teammate, spending time in our Showroom, and understanding on the job training with a local contractor, you’ll learn how we interact with our existing customers, provide solutions to their problems and develop relationships.
  • Special Project (4 weeks): This part of our program is to further test and hone your operational, sales, and service skills. While still under the supervision and instruction of your mentor, this project challenges you to think critically and solve real life problems faced everyday by industry professionals. The project will be assigned by the profit center manager and be applicable to the location and needs of the team.

Our internship can give you a glimpse into what a full-time opportunity at Hajoca could look like!


The South Division of Hajoca has aggressive growth goals to increase sales and acquire or open new locations in the coming years. Our decentralized structure demands we employ the very best management and sales teams. To find out more about our internships, development program, leadership opportunity, unique business model, and core values, visit our careers website at


And oh by the way, we sell plumbing. But to us, it's not about the product that we sell, but about the opportunity to run your own business, pick your own team, invest in the people around you, and have no cap on your compensation.

Hajoca Corporation is the nation’s largest privately held wholesale distributor of plumbing, heating and air-conditioning, industrial pipes-valves-fittings, pool and waterworks supplies for residential, commercial, industrial and infrastructure construction. We have over 400 locations, called Profit Centers, throughout the United States, representing the premier product lines in our industry.


  • A Bachelor's Degree in progress
  • GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Experience leading teams, groups, clubs, or sports teams
  • Demonstrated leadership skills in professional, educational, and/or social experiences
  • Goal-orientation, a competitive spirit, and a take-charge attitude
  • The ability to perform a wide range of tasks, with an equal blend of interpersonal and analytical skills
  • Entry-level work experience in people or project supervision, sales, operations, and/or customer service is a plus